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Your Filter Connection offers great deals on cases of 3M Filtrete filters. Buy a case of 6 or 12 standard-size Filtrete air filters and receive a discount on your purchase. Also receive free shipping on cases of standard size Filtrete 3M air filters. 3M Filtrete filters come in 29 standard sizes.

Tired of searching your local home center and not finding your size of your Filtrete air filters? We've got your size 3M air filters. One of our most popular lines, the 3M filter air filter continues to provide high-quality air filters that surpass other no-name furnace filters. The 3M furnace filters come in three MERV ratings (12,11, 8, and 7). 3M filters are normally changed every three months. Depending on your home’s condition, 3M furnace filters may need to be changed sooner than three months.

 All Filtrete filters are electrostatic. Electrostatic filters are great for anyone who suffers from allergies because it actually removes the dust from the air. Once you change your filter you will be impressed by the immediate improvement of the air you breathe. Choosing not to change your filter regularly can even cause allergies to develop even if you did not experience them before.

Filtrete Air Filter Size

If you are unable to find your size 3M Filtrete air filter, there are other brands you can choose that might fit your furnace. All our brands are top quality and will impress you with their ability to give clean air for you to breathe in your home. You might check out these other popular brands on our website like the Honeywell or Accumulair furnace filter.</p

MERV 12 Filter
3M MPR rating 1500/1250
MERV 11 Filter
3M MPR rating 1000